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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Two major 'Celebrity Circus' sponsors pull out

The major sponsor behind Endemol’s latest reality TV show, real estate giant RE/MAX International, has just cancelled its sponsorship of the celebrity circus programme following ADI and local group ANIMAL´s protests and appeals. The company said that it did not realise what it was sponsoring at first, but it is now dropping its sponsorship of the new show which features celebrities working with circus animals.

Second sponsor, Tuna company Cofaco, has also dropped its sponsorship to celebrity circus.

ADI has learnt that when the pilot was first aired on Portuguese TV, the animals in the programme looked scared and nervous. Elephants, horses and lions displayed obvious signs of anxiety. Circus owner, Victor Hugo Cardinali, threatened the lions with his whip and a pole but could not overtly hit them in front of the cameras, sending mixed messages to the animals. Getting little response, Victor Hugo became more and more agitated and screamed and threatened the lions with his whip and jabbed them with the pole to make them perform. The presenter of the show Julia Pinheiro, commented how one of the lions had urinated – out of fear.


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